Commercial Roofing Services: Trusting the Experts

Commercial roofing can pose more challenges and overall be a more labour-inducing job, however, this is a service Redwing Roofing has plenty of experience in. 

Hastings Library

Working under Baxhall Construction – as the main contractors, our team earned the contract to slate the main roof of Hastings Library as it was being refurbished. Due to this being such a large project, a great amount of lead work was involved. Luckily, at Redwing Roofing, we have a dedicated and hard-working range of metal workers that could complete the job to the usual high standard of the company.

Hallmark Care Home

Collaborating with Savista Developments Ltd at Willingdon Manor for Hallmark Care Homes was a job that needed to greatly consider the visual aspect as well as the functionality of roofing. The project involved a collaboration of both flat roofing and tiling. Terreal Clay tiles were used to ensure longevity and a classic result along the gables of the roof, and the main flat roofing portion was covered with Silted felt roofing to guarantee the durability and long-lasting protection of the building. 

Longevity was a key mandatory when choosing the methods and materials for this project, so Westwood Wecryl Liquid waterproofing was applied to any vulnerable areas including terraces and low-level roofing. Having this kind of knowledge and skillset at Redwing Roofing allowed for Hallmark Care Home to achieve a high-grade and durable finish that is built to last. The success of this project was widely recognised and we landed in the shortlist of the Pitched Roofing Awards 2023.

Hawkhurst House

Hawkhurst House is under the Graham Care portfolio of care homes and has a super unique shaped roof. The structure resembles an “L” shape with a curved right angle joining both wings of the building. When challenges like this arise, Redwing Roofing step up to the plate and problem-solve to ensure the construction goes as smoothly as possible to complete a strong roofing solution. The process to roof Hawkhurst House involved three stages, and the faceted curved section was completed last to connect the two wings of the building.

Bromley Pub

From new to old, Redwing Roofing has experience across the board. The difficulty with reinstalling new roofing in a conversion is stripping existing structures back to the original rafters. Once this was achieved, we were able to install new insulations and reinforce the structure to be more stable and will therefore have a longer lifespan. The roofing was finished with Marley Eternity Ashurst plain tiles from the Ashdowne Range. Bromley pub had many features typical to historic buildings including dormers and chimneys that required lead work, of which was completed by our specialist lead workers. With this project being one of our more delicate jobs, materials with higher durability were installed to ensure the pub encounters no issues going forward and it lasts.

Commercial roofing is a broad term that can cover many different sized properties from a range of different eras with their own set of obstacles alongside it with many needing specialised skills. Trusting experienced roofers, like Redwing Roofing, who have a history of overcoming these hurdles and a team that is diverse in their skills to cater to customisation and niche needs is the way to go.