What sets Redwing Roofing apart?

When deciding on a roofing company, the first thing most people will do is simply search ‘Roofing companies near me’ and there’s nothing wrong with that, we all do it, however the top result might not be the most suitable. It’s important to choose the business that sticks out the most to you. Redwing Roofing can be that business that will stand out from the crowd for a magnitude of reasons.


As you look for the roofer for your project, looking for milestones and achievements is key as you know the company is widely recognised for their quality. Redwing Roofing were recently shortlisted for the Pitched Roofing Awards 2023, based on the Hallmark Carte Homes in Willingdon Manor, Eastbourne. The project was nominated based off high-level waterproofing expertise, tiling excellence and flat roofing mastery. Recognition like this is what sets Redwing apart from other roofers, as you’re not just taking our word for it – it’s being acknowledged by people who have been in the roofing sector for decades.

A Variety of Options

Offering a range of choice is something Redwing Roofing prides ourselves upon – whether it’s a traditional, more natural finish to your tile or perhaps a sleek and modern interlocking option. Whatever the type of roofing you may be on the market for, we have a broad span of possibilities to suit your needs, be it something at a reduced cost and a quick fix with single ply or something with a longer lifespan. When hunting for a roofer it can become tedious to find something with the specific budget and finish that you’re looking for, so finding that all within one place can often be a huge relief.

Experience and Drive

Passion for a project is what can truly push a company ahead of its competitors and lead to a finish that makes you recognise the care and thought that’s gone into it. Redwing Roofing has been led by directors that have a diverse and lengthy history within the field. Both Jason and Daniel stay ambitious and considerate when leading Redwing Roofing, with no obstacle yet to stump them. Overall, our team are driven by a keen interest in making the industry as a whole a safer environment, providing a first-class roofing service to the community and continuing to raise standards.


Having a range of clients to display in a case study like we have can be a huge indicator of the types of people and businesses who have trusted us with their properties. The quality of work we achieve each time, and the possibilities that could be yours. Gilbert Ash Freemans School in Ashtead is a great example of a large scale, historical building that required a grand refurbishment leading to importation of Canadian Glendyn Slates and replacing all existing lead fixtures. The project was challenging and had its fair share of obstacles to overcome, but the achievement was a great payoff. From old to new, Redwing Roofing doesn’t just work on historical restoration features, we also work alongside development companies like Riverdale Developments, to provide newbuilds with roofing catered to fresh, modern, finishes with great quality. This range of experience is something that proves we aren’t just a one-trick pony, clients from all varieties across the country trust our team with their homes, workplaces and community buildings. Redwing Roofing has earned its reputation as the dedicated and skilled team that we are. For those seeking roofing solutions, Redwing Roofing is perched tall as an industry stand-out as not only are you purchasing a roof, but you’re also investing in peace of mind that it’ll be a high quality feature that’s here to stay.